Help with rate-limits

We used traefik as a reverse proxy, but we had a problem with new order requests and for some reason ended up breaking the domain request limit,

Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:, see ”,

Is there a way for me to retrieve these validly generated certificates that are still valid and use it on my server?

Hi @marcos1

why do you create so much certificates?

Check your system to find these certificates and use one.

Do you have the private key? If not, the public part isn't longer relevant.

Our server runs a traefik, however, it needed to be reconfigured and after that for some reason I believe I have made numerous requests that compromised the limit however I have no key or public part for these domains and I can’t know when it will be released, Is there any solution for this kind of case?

If you want to test something, use the test system, not the productive system. So you have to wait.

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