Help with installing the certificate on the RDP

Hello, I’m new to certificates and don’t understand how to make a certificate for RDP for Windows Server 2016, not for IIS and without a domain but with a public IP address, is there any good instruction on this? I also noticed that on the Internet, users use openssl commands, as I understand it, openssl is a program, but I could not find it. I’m trying to create a certificate through the win-acme.v2.1.3.671.x64.pluggable program, but how can I create a certificate using it, can I need another program or another way? Tell someone something, thanks :slight_smile:

I saw many articles but could not understand how to download Certbot for windows?

Hi @Gameframe

simple answer: That’s not possible.

Letsencrypt doesn’t support such certificates.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are standard Domain Validation certificates, so you can use them for any server that uses a domain name, like web servers, mail servers, FTP servers, and many more.

Using a RDP service - let Windows do that and create a self signed certificate. That’s enough.

Thanks for such a quick reply! Well, and if there is a permanent IP, creating a certificate also fails? That is, you can create a certificate on a localhost, but there is no address on ip, hmm …

@Gameframe It doesn’t matter if the IP is “permanent”, Let’s Encrypt simply doesn’t issue certificates for any IP address (yet).

Thanks for your reply!

Question for everyone.
What should I do and how can I solve my problem, buy a domain name?

For example, I will buy a domain, what will I need to do so that I can connect to the server through the RDP using the let’s encrypt certificate?

Will I need to enter the server into the domain?

There are also free options to get a hostname.

Ok, which for example? For example, I bought a domain, so then in my case you need to bind the server to the domain (that is, enter into the domain?) To create a certificate or enter into the domain is not necessary?

You don’t “Bind” servers to domains. You just set an A or AAAA record, then install the certificate on the server and done

Which domain registrars can you recommend for this?

I use namecheap for most of mine

@ski192man thanks for your reply!

Thanks for the help, do I understand that you need to buy it together? :slight_smile:


free options - what are these?

Use the Google, Luke.


Like this

A lot of people use something like no-ip, but you don’t control the whole domain, only a subdomain

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