Help! SSL with Centos and Cpanel

Operating system: Centos 7
Administration: Cpanel
Cpanel Plugins: Engintron (nginx) and Autossl Lets Engrypt

Additional programs Openmeetings and openfire

the additional programs should now be integrated ssl.

I ask for help which way is better

  1. What are the paths to a subdomain on autossl for fullchain.pem and privatkey.pem


  1. Is it possible to use Autossl and Certpot at the same time on one server?

Do not use Certbot on cPanel. It is not compatible. Apache configuration is distilled by cPanel in a very specific way. If Certbot modifies the configuration, it will fuck everything up. Same deal with Engintron.

Just use AutoSSL as it was intended.

There's no direct equivalent. You can find all of the state here:


and also


But you should not rely on the existence or structure of that directory. Use the WHM API if you need to retrieve data about certificates.

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An exception could be if the specific subdomains aren’t administered with cPanel at all. In that case you could choose to use Certbot for those domains but not for the others (especially if they’re not mentioned in the Apache configuration but exclusively in the configuration of the other servers).

However, I would definitely agree that you’ll have a better and more reliable experience if you find a way to use the same administration method for all of your subdomains, which is generally by following @_az’s advice.

Many Thanks.

How can I create a nginx entry for the SSL check with WHM API?

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