Help required for Creating SAN Certificate

Hi Guys,
My application needs multiple subdomains and i have to create ssl certificate. Now due to limit of 50 Certificates per week, I am not able to create certificate for each url. I got to know that we can use SAN certificate to overcome this problem But I dont know how to create SAN certificate.
If anyone knows then please help me here. Thanks.

You specify all the FQDNs you want in a single certificate request. If you’d tell us what client you planned on using, we could give you more detail on this, but with certbot, it would look like -d -d -d -d . . .

Edit: You could always issue wildcard certs, which could greatly reduce the number of certs you need to issue.

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Thanks for the quick help.
Can I use below command for this ?
./letsencript-auto certonly --standalone -d -d -d -d

letsencrypt-auto is very old; you’d likely be using certbot-auto instead. And if you only want to obtain the cert (and not install it in your server configuration), and you aren’t currently running a web server, yes, that command would do it.

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I have replied to almost the same question before, have a look:

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