Certificates for sub.subs.domian

Hello, i would like to ask you about certificate on my site. I have site with sub-sub domains(sub.sub.domain) and i want to create certificate for it. Count of my sub domain near 150. I’m not sure can i generate certificates form all my sub domain like *ṡub.domain? or have i some another solution for this problem.

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Hi @fofanko

start with some basics.

Then read something about Challenge Types:

If you are able to use dns validation, you can create a wildcard certificate *.sub.domain, so you need only one certificate.

May be the easiest solution.

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Thank you for you answer. But my problem in a large number of subs domain. It’s old site, and for each category on site was uesed own sub domin. It’s look like *.sub1.domin, *.sub2.domain, … , *.sub150.domin. Can i create certificate for all subs domain?

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Yes you can. The limit is 100 names per certificate, and each name can be any combination of regular and wildcard names. Please note that wildcard records are allowed only with DNS-based validation. This plus a limit of 50 certificates per week will allow you to cover up to 5000 subdomains per week (renewals are limited differently).

Limits in detail are described here: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/

So, for example with Certbot you could do (Cloudflare used as an example of DNS provider):

certbot certonly --preferred-challenges dns-01 --dns-cloudflare \
  --dns-cloudflare-credentials /etc/letsencrypt/cloudflare.ini \
  -d example.com,*.example.com,*.sub.example.com,*.sub1.example.com,*.sub2.example.com,*.sub3.example.com,*.sub4.example.com,*.sub5.example.com

Hi, @Patryk. Thank you very very much. You helped me a lot. Grateful for your help.


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