Help finding outdated documentation

Hi all,

I’ve noticed recently that some old threads rank highly on Google searches for [Let’s Encrypt foo] or [letsencrypt foo], where foo is a popular hosting provider, or web server or control panel. For instance, the third result on for [Let’s Encrypt heroku] right now is Let’s Encrypt and Heroku [Solved].

Often these old threads are out of date, and there are better options available (like Heroku’s new ACM). Worse, some of these old threads contain rude replies that drive people away.

I’d like to ask for some help from our community here: Think of some major software or hosting provider, then search Google for that name plus “Let’s Encrypt” or “letsencrypt”. Then comment here with the name you searched, and either “good” or “needs update” or “needs moderation”. For “needs update” I’ll edit the top post to put a “[Moderator’s note: …]” linking to better documentation. For “needs moderation” I’ll re-read the thread and see if there are any posts that would be flagged off by our present standards.

If you happen to notice a top-3 ranked blog post with outdated information, feel free to mention that too, though we have less ability to directly improve that.



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I am in :smiley:

Are we going to setup a wiki like the Host Providers one?


I think since this thread is about flagging issues to be fixed elsewhere, it makes more sense to just comment on the issue. And then, for instance, if you find a high-ranking post on the forum you can propose edits here and I or someone else with edit privileges can make those changes. Note that in general, I’d like to avoid changing original posts too much, so our approach should usually be inserting a note at the top of the original post pointing to more up-to-date documentation or a good guide. Thanks!