Haproxy LetsEncrypt


I’ve a haproxy servers that reroutes to different host. How can I configure the haproxy server to have 1 letsencrypt cert to all host. Do i need to add the cert to all host or need to configure the haproxy server.

You can provide a single certificate to haproxy for all your domains, or provide a list of individual certificates for each domain.

It’s up to you, either is a valid approach.

The backends you are proxying do not need to know anything about SSL certificates, you only need to set them up on haproxy.

To do the actual setup, usually a small haproxy ACL + using Certbot in standalone mode (but on a different port) is the simplest way. Here’s one such tutorial: https://serversforhackers.com/c/letsencrypt-with-haproxy


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