Happy Cakeday Buffalo Bill Walker!

@Buffalo Bill Walker is celebrating his :three:rd anniversary as a member of this great community. Throughout that time he has candidly shared his support and praise here. Let's return the favor. :slightly_smiling_face:

:canoe: :bow_and_arrow: :wolf: :bear: :fox_face: :deer: :horse:


I assume this is automated, but I do appreciate the sentiment. Y'all do an awesome job! I do see the patience of the 'regulars' on this forum, and I think you must all have enormously thick skins as well as prodigious technical knowledge. Many Thanks!


Not automated at all, my friend. :slightly_smiling_face: I had been planning to write that for two days. :wink: I debated on which "native" emojis to choose.


Then -- much obliged! I enjoyed the emojis too! Y'all stay safe! And ... keep up the
mostly thankless but absolutely vital good work that you do. You are appreciated! [edit:] I couldn't find a buffalo emoji either. I live in Oklahoma, attended West Texas State University (The Buffalos) and sing gourd dance songs at lots of Comanche and Kiowa powwows. I can actually see a real buffalo any day that I want to, so "Buffalo" was a natural choice.


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