Happy birthday @sahsanu!


I noticed due to a little:

by his posts, that it’s @sahsanu’s birthday today. Happy birthday, @sahsanu! I hope you are having a good time. It is really nice of you to spend part of your birthday posting here on the forum.

@sahsanu has been an incredibly helpful and positive member of our community since November 2015, when Let’s Encrypt was in public beta just prior to launch. In fact, I just checked and saw that his other cake day (forum anniversary) is coming up in just a few days on November 19. In that time, he’s posted 921 times-- that’s a lot of helping people.

@sahsanu, we’re glad to have you here, thanks for being a part of this community.


@jsha, thank you so much for your kind words :wink: …and yes, I’m having a good day :smiley:

I’m really glad being a part of this exceptional community, you are all amazing.

Hugs for all :heart_eyes:


Thank you @sahsanu! The whole internet benefits from the hours you volunteer in the community forum. Happy birthday!


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