Break out more cake for Josh, Jacob, & J.C.!

According to the forum software, @josh, @jsha, & @jcjones are celebrating their eighth anniversary as members of this community. (Though I suspect that it's really just the anniversary of the forum existing at all, which is probably itself an excuse for cake!)

:shaved_ice: :cake: :icecream:
:birthday: :ice_cream: :clap:

Thank you all for all you do!


How about a fruitcake? !! Thanks for the big 8 you guys!


Yup! Eight years ago today we configured this forum, as part of the run-up to the "closed" Beta and our updated launch plan from the day before. The staging environment hadn't been really announced yet, as I remember it the certbot codebase just used it by default. Just about a month later, on 12 Sept 2015, we issued the first cert to

(Aside: And then, with 3 days left to renew it, we renewed it on 8 December. Because things were busy, and we didn't have certbot set up correctly. In our defense, it was the first real cert we issued with ACME, so it was all new!)

Then on 7 October, @jsha and I issued the first outside-the-infrastructure certificates via ACME ( | 9971945 and | 10006668 respectively). 12 days later we had the cross-sign.


(I suppose I should note for posterity, it wasn't called certbot yet, it was still named the same as our service.: Client availability - #2 by jsha)


Despite only being here somewhat recently, Iā€™ve been a user since the very beginning :slight_smile:


My, that looks familiar!


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