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My domain is: ""

Got the domain from Google and managed to add the ip addresses provided by GoDaddy, I am trying to add SSL but I don't know where to start, I am using Windows 11. On Google domain settings was given multiple options like (API Token ACME client, EAB key ID&EAB HMAC key) but don't know how to even use them.

It'll be great if you treat me as a novice and tell me THE 1ST step I need to take to get this started and sign post me toward a thread I can take it from there.


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The first place to start is in the Getting Started section linked to below

One tip is your IP address looks wrong. Is your DNS hosted at GoDaddy? Because it looks like you are using their URL Redirect service which will not work for HTTPS sites. And, will not work for getting a cert using an HTTP Challenge.

If that's the case you need to disable GoDaddy URL Redirect and set the IP directly to your public IP. See GoDaddy docs or contact their support.

The reason I say this because that IP points to an AWSGlobalAccelerator endpoint which is often used by that GoDaddy service. And, there is already a Starfield cert for the service responding to HTTPS requests at that IP.


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