Getting the renew email when the cert has already been renewed

My server is

The email says it expires in 10 days; clicking on the padlock icon in the browser says it expires in 77 days.

A dude on Fiverr set this up for me and he’s no longer reachable, so it’s possible he created more than one certificate, or changed it or who knows what. I can’t figure out what I need to do to clean it up. Thanks.

You’re right – in January, several certificates were issued; some of them only included, and some included both and

And then a certificate including both names was issued in March, which your site is using now.

You’re getting emailed because of the certificates that only included the single name. (The most recent one, to be precise.) (note: certificates are usually listed twice due to how Certificate Transparency works)

It’s possible that nothing is wrong and everything already is cleaned up. In that case you should just ignore the emails.

In your last thread, you were using Certbot, but you might be using a different ACME client now. If you are using Certbot, can you log in to your server and run “sudo certbot certificates” or “sudo ./certbot-auto certificates`” or whatever to see what certificate(s) it’s managing?

If you’re not using Certbot, what ACME client are you using?

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