Getting renew to work on Ubuntu


As the packaged version of letsencrypt for Ubuntu is apparently stuck at a version that doesn’t have the --post-hook option, I have created the following shell script to enable certificates to be automatically renewed in a cron job:

set -e
old=`/usr/bin/stat --format='%i:%N:%s:%W:%Y' /etc/letsencrypt/live/*/*`
/usr/bin/letsencrypt renew >/dev/null
new=`/usr/bin/stat --format='%i:%N:%s:%W:%Y' /etc/letsencrypt/live/*/*`
if [ "$old" != "$new" ]; then
  for service in nginx dovecot postfix; do
    /bin/systemctl -q is-active "$service" && \
      /bin/systemctl -q reload "$service"

I thought this might be helpful for other people, or indeed others might have feedback regarding this method. (Obviously, the list of services to be reloaded when a certificate has been renewed will vary depending on what services are being used.)


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