How do i auto renew lets-encrypt certificate?

I am trying to setup an auto renew of my website but i am not able to set it up properly or maybe i am doing it in a wrong way. and these are my domains.
I am running on my apache server.
ssl-cert-check is what i am using.

This is the link which i followed up while installing letsencrypt on my server.

Now i want to renew both the websites before it gets expired automatically.
According to the documentation i came to know to know that a cron job has to set up to auto renew the certificate and i did followed it in the same way but i was not successful enough to produce my desired result. Any help on this would be much useful for me.
And also please let me know why certbot has to be used.

Thank you

That tutorial is quite outdated…

I assume you’re using Ubuntu 16.04 as that’s what the tutorial covers? If you follow the more recent instructions at for Ubuntu 16.04 then the auto-renewal cron job (actually a systemd timer) should be configured automatically for you as part of the installation process - you don’t need to set it up yourself anymore.

Certbot is just the new name for the “letsencrypt” program that you’re already using. It was renamed back in May 2016, but Ubuntu still packages the old version. If you follow the certbot instructions from the link above, you’ll get the latest version and you can use either name to run it.

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