Getting LE to my current hosted site on ehosts?

I could use some help here.

I want to get ssl on my website but i dont now how to do it with LE and im using ehost for hosting my site, they gave me this but i dont know how to do it can someone help ?
my website is currently so idk what todo

Given the costs, you may want to look at a traditional certificate authority. Currently, Let’s Encrypt limits certificates to 90 days and encourages you to renew at the 60 day mark to make sure you don’t expire. Since your provider charges $10 each time for their labor, that’s going to run $60 a year just in their fees.

A traditional Certificate Authority will offer a one year certificate expiration, and you can get a domain validated certificate for $10/yr, making the total cost 1/3 of what you’d pay using Let’s Encrypt.

If you do still want to use Let’s Encrypt, you can use a manual process to get the certificate issued.

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  1. Submit a ticket to eHost requesting a CSR.
  2. You will receive two files - a CSR file and the private key. (I don’t know why they’re sending the private key, that’s not really necessary and not safe via email. They could just store it on their end.)
  3. Most clients generate their own private keys and CSRs. Since that’s not possible with eHost, you can try letsencrypt-nosudo or gethttpsforfree (probably easier). With both options, you would skip the step where you generate your own private key and CSR, and use the one provided by eHost.
  4. You will need to host some files on your site at a path the client will mention in order to verify ownership.
  5. Once that’s done, you will receive the signed certificate. Send that file, the private key and the CA chain file to eHost.

Seeing how they charge $ 10 for this, it’s probably a better idea to get a certificate from a traditional CA for 3 years - that’s probably cheaper than doing this every 3 months. It would probably be a good idea to ask them to add support for Let’s Encrypt anyway (they can basically implement a solution that’s just one click for their clients) - if enough people request this, they might ship it one day. :smile:

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and then how do i do that whats the easy way and also what is the best host provider ?