Getting an Error



My domain is

I have Hostgator hosting. I have already created CSR and private key on Hostgator. I am trying to get SSL certificate through zerossl. I am getting the following error once I try for verification:

Invalid response from " <head itemscope itemtype=“

Please guide.




I see you have another verification file here:

This is different than the URL in your error.

If you’ve obtained a certificate before, the authorization file(s) will have changed. You must upload the new authorization file(s) every time you renew the certificate.

If you are trying to get a certificate covering both and, as is the default with, you will be provided with two files to upload to your server. It is important to upload both of them in order to get your certificate.

Please repeat the process and make sure you upload all the files it provides in order to complete verification, even if you think you have already done so previously.


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