Generosity fundraising, scam or legit?

About a months ago there was a link from this forum to a fund-raising at Generosity [1], today when someone asked about ways to donate [2] I thought I should add that link, but I couldn’t find any links for it on the Let’s Encrypt site, so it made me think it’s not a legit one.

Is it? (I donated 50$+5$ on the generosity site…)


  1. https://www.generosity . com/community-fundraising/make-a-more-secure-web-with-let-s-encrypt
  2. Donation via PayPal
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This topic you mean?: Let's Encrypt Crowdfunding Campaign

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Yes, thanks for the link. I wasn’t able to find it while searching for ‘generosity’.

Yep, it’s legit! We have a link from too. Thanks so much for donating. :slight_smile: