Generating Multiple Certificates with Hosting on a Single Host

I wrote a PHP script that creates new sites for my clients, with different domains for each site. That way, I can create a new site customized for my clients quickly. As an example, my domain is on an site and clients direct their domains (for example, with the DNS configuration:

Example 1:
Type A -> (fictitious IP) and CNAME ->

Example 2:
Type A -> (fictitious IP) and CNAME ->

Thus, when the domain name ‘’ is typed, it is automatically directed to the server ‘’, which will verify the domain typed and open the contents of the corresponding site, through a simple verification of the domain name by PHP.

How could I deploy the HTTPS from the Encrypt lets to multiple domains, so that I only use one server for all the sites? I am currently using Certbot, installed on UBUNTU 18.04, but from my searches and searching for more information, I have come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to use it to create new certificates, because it only manages 1 key (and each key has a limit of 100 certified domains), and I need to generate individual keys for each domain.

Try this:

It can deal with as many keys as you like, by calling it with different -c options.

Man page with all details is at

I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, but Certbot can manage multiple certificates and by default uses different keys for each certificate.

Hi @pasqualino

what's the problem? That's a normal standard setup. Customers create own domain- or subdomain - entries, with A- or CNAME to another server.

This server has a service and is able to create different certificates.

One customer -> one certificate (with non-www and www or only with one subdomain).

So there is no global public / private key pair (certificate) and there is no SAN-certificate with a mix of different customer domain names.

And you can create a lot of certificates. The limits are only domain relevant, but one domain has one or two certificates.

Thank you for your help! They all helped in some way Ndilieto, Jmorahan and JuergenAuer.
As I am newbie, I did not know how to get multiple keys to multiple domains that were targeted to my host. My solution was to configure multiple virtual hosts in apache.
I still use Certbot for certificate management but now I do not need to use the -d option anymore as Certbot manages Virtual Hosts

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