Free Hosting with Free SSL Integrated

Hi there,
We didn’t think it was so special at all, but our clients told us that many free web hostings don’t offer this, so, here you go: We’re offering Let’s Encrypt integrated in our Free Hosting at

I thought that it could be worthwile creating an actual topic on Let’s Encrypt Community for those who actually find this useful.

We never thought this would be so much of a deal, but apparently it’s cooler than what we thought it was haha At OneSite we provide a Platform where people have all they need to have a website for free. We provide free cPanel hosting, Let’s Encrypt Free SSL, Website Builder, Learn Code courses and much more.

Feel free to give it a look. If this looks as spam, please edit the post to make it less spammy (and sorry for the spam in that case haha)

Hope this helped someone!

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