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I have been working on getting wild card certificates. So far I’ve been crawling around in the trenches for 6 weeks. I’ve a lot about what to do and what not to do. Note: I was success this morning and got my first wild card certificate, I still need to use it.

People on this forum have been helpful and very responsive. I would like to give back something of what I have been through to make it easier for the next person who wants to get a wildcard certificate. It turns out that one of my major headaches/time sinks was dealing with a very large DNS service provider that did not have a clue about DNSSEC.

My question is: Should I name the DNS Service provider who does not have a clue or just tiptoe around and try to pass on what I learned as constructively as possible?

Hi @jeffn,

I'm glad you found success issuing a wildcard certificate and that the forum was helpful and responsive, that's great!

I think its possible to name the provider and have a constructive conversation about the challenges you had using Let's Encrypt/DNS-01 authentication with that particular provider. I'd encourage you to read over the community forum guidelines if you're uncertain about general decorum. From my perspective my main concern is making sure the conversation stays constructive and doesn't become a pile-on about how much everyone hates a specific provider :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! Thanks!


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