File upload issues

I'm new here, I am looking for help with a problem that I started seeing today.

I have let's enctypt certificates at 5 websites hosted in two vps servers using centos web panel (Centos 7)

Until today everything had worked fine, but today all my sites have problems uploading files over https. I have Connection reset errors intermittently.

Thank you in advance, any help will be appreciated.

Hi @marianobanchio,

This is probably not a certificate issue (if the connections sometimes or often succeed), especially because the certificate is presented only at the very beginning of the HTTPS connection. So this might not be the best forum to debug your issue.

If you can give examples of servers that are affected, we can probably take a quick look to see if we can notice anything obviously problematic.

Thank you verry much, I'll try to get support from my hosting provider.

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