FAQ page not prepared for questions

The FAQ page contains a lot of good advice for expected behavior, but so far no Frequently Asked Questions.

When (if) questions will become frequently asked, I suppose they will be inserted above the good advices. Then some frequent answers might need to be inserted together with the questions.

If the rules for good behavior get pushed down, they risk to lose visibility.

Wouldn’t it make sense to somehow move the ‘Good Behavior’ information to an existing (or a new) place with the right topic, thereby freeing up the FAQ topic for… questions?


Interesting. We actually have two FAQs. One is the Discourse FAQ about how to use the forum. The other is a FAQ about Let’s Encrypt itself.

@discourse: Do you have advice on best practice here? Should we merge the forum FAQ and the Let’s Encrypt FAQ into a single page?

What I’m aiming for, is that when I visit a FAQ page, I expect to see first of all… Questions. Hopefully followed by answers.

Not a site statement (even if I think the site statement is good and has it’s reasons for being).

Set the "FAQ URL" in the site settings to the LE FAQ, and the community behavior stuff will be available at /guidelines.

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Alright, the FAQ now points at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Thanks for bringing this up, @Biker.