FAQ Filter / Mobile Untrusted

Could we add a FAQ filter to questions by new users? Questions like “Not trusted on mobile” appears again and again.

There’s already a Your topic is simular to..., but I don’t know whether that one doesn’t get triggered or is simply ignored.

Maybe we could even require users to fill in their domain into a small panel to check for chain issues before even allowing to post if certain keywords are found. That panel could contain a step by step guide if chain issues are found.


^- THIS. is a great Idea.

As for the chain issues something similar to https://whatsmychaincert.com/ should be nice, but I think this would require a deep Discourse integration. Provided that this forum is also hosted by discourse I think such a check is not possible.

@rugk How has the status panel for incidents been added? Should be fairly the same amount of work, provided that there’s an external API that’s usable.

I have no idea. I am not familiar with Discourse. I also don’t know what status panel you mean (I cannot see any right now).
However if it is just an “incident message” consisting of text I think this is a feature every forum software has: Manually adding an important message, which is showed on every page.

See Status.io widget

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Ah okay, so I think you can hack something into Discourse. So, yes, now I also think such pre-checks are possible. :smiley:

The service status banner is a little fancier than the “important message” feature because we don’t want to manually update the message. Instead I added some Javascript that calls directly to the status.io page.

I think it would be much more complicated to auto-check domain names for chain problems, but I think it would make sense to add something to the FAQ. Perhaps more broad, like “Why is my certificate generating errors,” and link to SSL Labs.

We may actually want to create a sub-FAQ with debugging info for specific common problems.


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