Failures registering new subdomain certs in public beta

Hi there,

we have been in beta with the domain and registered and in beta. That worked fine till now.
Today we wanted to add to the list and got an error that we hit the rate limit and to many certificates were issued for

I don’t think this is the case. Can anyone give a helping hand how we can have a look at what is or has been registered?
And can anyone help us with avoiding that error?

Thanks in advance.

Based off what @jcjones has written here: Public beta rate limits

Perhaps you issued 5 certificates for “” and “” within the last 5 days while LE was still in private beta, and the public beta beginning today did not reset that limit.

read again more clarification at Public beta rate limits

But it is possible that @rene could have requested five different certs for "" and hit his limit for the domain "". I know I did this yesterday as I was screwing with the client and demoing it. (I probably should not have been issuing from the live CA, but thats another topic).

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am quite sure I didn’t request any certs in the last 5 days. Sorry to ask, is there an API command to check on this?

yes true.. i did that accidentally a few weeks back, i created a cronjob for auto renewal but instead of renew every 2 months, it ran every 1 minute LOL - so hit the rate limits pretty quickly LOL

my thread at Too many certificates already issued - rate limit?

one way is check certificate transparency listing for letsencrypt at | % and count how many instances of your domain there are and when they were issued

oh search your domain at probably easier

Thank you all. Shame on me. I did a test on 28th and I mixed up and thought it was earlier. So now we have 5 counted today for 5 per 7 days limit. :slight_smile: Have to wait till the weekend for the missing one. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

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Yeah 5/week seems low though heh