Fail to detect Amazon Linux 2. (Certbot)

String 'Amazon Linux' is not appeared in '/etc/issue' on Amazon Linux 2.
Correctly, it is written in'/ etc / system-release', so please fix it.

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The best chance to get Certbot working on Amazon Linux 2 is to install the rpm from EPEL as described here:

certbot-auto, which itself is being deprecated, has never worked well with Amazon Linux 2 (for reasons unrelated to how it detects distros).

From what I can tell the EPEL package works well and is relatively up to date, but if it's not suitable for you, there are some other client options.


EPEL certbot package is version 1.7.0 .
Last release certbot package is version 1.9.0 .

The following message came to appear after certbot auto update to version 1.9.0.

Your system is not supported by certbot-auto anymore.
Certbot will no longer receive updates.
Please visit to check for other alternatives.

It seems to be considered a deprecated OS Amazon Linux 2 by the DEPRECATED_OS flag.
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Correct, the certbot-auto script is being deprecated.


I found that certbot-auto is deprecated.
But when the version goes up to 1.9.0 on EPEL, I think it will be the same problem if I don't fix it, is that okay?
I want to continue using it on Amazon Linax 2.


I don't think you understand what the certbot-auto script is (emphasis on the -auto part!): it's a wrapper script around the Python program called certbot (without -auto in the name). The script is a method to install the program within a Python virtual environment ("venv") if you don't have an alternate method to install certbot. If you do have a different/better method to install certbot, such as the rpm package through EPEL, you won't need the script at all.

Because it's the script which is being deprecated and certainly not the program certbot, you can keep using the certbot version through EPEL.

It's the task of the EPEL maintainers to bump the version of the certbot package to later releases, so it can indeed be possible that EPEL has an older version than the script (which always downloads the latest version through pip which is very up to date). However, version 1.7.0 is relatively new, so not really a reason to use the certbot-auto wrapper script. Just use the certbot program through EPEL.


Thank you for your explanation.
When EPEL rpm is created, certbot-auto is not included. When I got the message, I was wondering if Amazon Linux 2 would be a deprecated OS. After all, I lacked my knowledge, but if someone who has the same feelings uses EPEL's certbot, I'm relieved. It may not be necessary, but in the case of Amazon Linux2, I'd be happy if the message "Reinstall using EPEL" appears in certbot-auto.
thank you everyone.


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