Extraordinarily High Usage

I don't have a domain, I am not hosting anything. I have a 25GB download from Let's Encrypt on 2 days. WTF

It's almost certain you don't (Let's Encrypt only downloads anything from you if you ask them to give you a cert, and then it's a 43-byte token they download), but you'll have to ask the vendor of whatever produced that chart what that entry represents. Unifi at one point was tallying up traffic to any sites using a Let's Encrypt cert, which seems like a particularly stupid thing to do, but they've got to look like they're telling you something important.

Edit: Ah, looks like Unifi still does this:

Wherever that graph you posted came from may not be doing exactly the same thing, but it sure looks similar.


Thank you for such a quick response. That report came from my ASUS Router Traffic Analyzer.


In that case, the only way to know for sure what that figure represents is to ask ASUS, and hope they'll give you a straight answer. I never got a definitive answer from Ubiquiti, but the only thing that makes any sense is what I mentioned--that they're reporting any traffic to/from sites using a Let's Encrypt certificate. It's a stupid and pointless thing to report--they don't report traffic for sites using certs from other CAs--but the rest of the report (both yours and mine, though in different ways) is a mishmash of things that aren't directly comparable anyway.


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