Expired Certificate browser message, yet certbot-auto renew has run

I’ve just run
certbot-auto renew

and i have domains that are showing an out of date certificate error in edge and chrome (and i assume all browsers)

i have previously run certbot-auto renew without any problems

OS: centos 6.9
domain: portobelloroadantiques.com

when i run certbot-auto renew
i get:
Processing /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/portobelloroadantiques.com.conf
Cert not yet due for renewal

(it was due for renewal on 29th and i ran renew then) - all seemed to be ok.

Hi @JeremyS,

You have a valid certificate issued 2 days ago:

CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                 VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
219791152  portobelloroadantiques.com  2017-Sep-28 21:18 UTC  2017-Dec-27 21:18 UTC  87 days     portobelloroadantiques.com

certbot-auto renew says that all is ok so there is no need to renew it… did you restart/reload your apache so the new cert can be loaded?.


ah, thanks so much!!!
i hadn’t restarted apache … i’ve auto renewed many times before - always manually i don’t use a cron but i guess i’ve always done other things around the same time and done an apache restart! so i hadn’t thought to do that as this time i hadn’t.
i’m very grateful for your help. thanks again.

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ah, just to confirm, the apache restart was what was needed in this case.

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