Expiration Email


I got an email on 07/23/2016 stating:

Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 10 days (on 02 Aug 16 16:14 +0000). Please make sure to renew your certificate before then, or visitors to your website will encounter errors.

…as you can see in the first attached image:


When I go to renew the SSL Certificates, I get the error:

More than 30 days left for certificate Expiry. Not renewing now.

…as you can see in the second attached image:

I’ve seen several posts about this in the forums and reports that this issue has been resolved. However, it seems to still be occurring in some places, as I’m still seeing it.



Unless I’m missing something, this indeed seems like a bug. Both certificates have the exact same list of domains, so it should be considered renewed.

I have filed a bug in boulder (the CA software behind Let’s Encrypt):


@pfg - thanks…

Anything I should do in the mean time?


The expiration mails are purely informational, there’s nothing that will happen just because the CA server (mistakenly) thinks your certificate is about to expire.

Other than possibly ignoring another mail on August 2nd (in case the bug happens again or isn’t fixed by then), there’s nothing you need to do. :smile:


So, this supposedly was not a problem, but…

I had this same issue on another domain (https://reflexmedicalmolding.com/). Same email notifications and same “More than 30 days left…” error.

The SSL Cert. says it is expired when viewing the website in a browser (See attached image):


However, when trying to renew the SSL Cert I get the “More than 30 days left…” error (See attached image):

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the expected behavior, but ultimately I need the SSL to work correctly, so it isn’t interfering with website display.


That’s correct, the cert was renewed on the 1st of August (expiring 30th of October). However your server is still using the old one, did you remember to reload/restart it?


Am I to assume you mean the NGINX web server, here?


Yes, (along with anything else that also uses the cert)


Well, according to the terminal command history, yes, I had already done that. However, I just did it again and seems to have fixed it.



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