Expanding subdomain question


I fired the command below to get certs for some domains and subdomains.

certbot certonly --webroot --cert-name funnybunny.org -d funnybunny.org -d www.funnybunny.org -d yyy.funnybunny.org -d zzz.funnybunny.org

Now I want to add a new subdomain (ooo.funnybunny.org) and get a cert for it.

Do I have to fire the original command (given there) + the -d ooo.funnybunny.org or can I just fire the command partially like below without breaking the existing certs?

certbot certonly --webroot --cert-name funnybunny.org -d ooo.funnybunny.org

This one. Unfortunately, certbot doesn’t have a feature like “add this domain to the already existing domains”.

See https://certbot.eff.org/docs/using.html#re-creating-and-updating-existing-certificates for more info, especially the --expand option.


Thank you, I will read the link too.

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