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Hello folks, i need to implement a certificate on exchange. I am new to this so i would like some help. I know hot to implement a certificate on a echange server but i dont know a site which is for free that can verifiy the certificat

i need to send my certificate request to a verification site.

Hi @Mirgrn88, I’m the developer of, a Windows UI for certificates via Let’s Encrypt - you can use that for a free cert, the trick is that you usually need a little bit of extra scripting to deploy the updated certificate to exchange.

If you use the app check out the ‘Show Advanced Options’ > Scripting section, which has an example script to copy for exchange deployment.

There are other tools you can use including win-acme (command line) and Posh ACME (powershell). Certify is often preferred because it’s a full Windows UI.

cant find it, i would appreciate it if you send me the link to the script.

Hi @Mirgrn88

Letsencrypt is automation. So you don't send a certificate signing request manual to a Certificate Authority and get your certificate per mail.

You must use a client.

Check the basics:

ok, thanks a lot. I look into it.

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