Exception about max in a week?

Im new in sysadmin… Im only have a server to use maps for pokemón go with friends.
I reinstall many times in this days LAMP and certbot… And now, i have all ok in server but cant use letsencrypt… Some admin can please unlock pokemap.uy and www.pokemap.uy please?

There’s no way to “unlock” the rate limit. However, the particular limit you hit is a limit on certificates for an “exact set of domains”. You hit the limit for exactly pokemap.uy and www.pokemap.uy on the same cert, but you could still get separate certs for each domain, or a cert for those two plus one more subdomain, etc.

In future you can use --staging while you’re testing things out, as it has less strict limits.


You can add a new subdomain to the certificate - it doesn’t matter if you’re using it or not, as long as it can pass the challenge process. This will get around the “duplicate certificate” rate limit (but really you need to stop deleting these when you start over. Save them somewhere.) However, you need to be careful of the “certificates per registered domain” limit of 20/week for all of pokemap.uy.

As jmorahan mentioned, there is no way for anyone to manually reset this for you. The resources involved in creating those certificates have already been expended.

Feel free to read up more about rate limits here: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/


Thanks guys! Fixed with a subdomain, mapa.pokemap.uy hehe. Thanks again!

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