Error with stagging server certificate

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a Docker stack with Nginx HTTP/2 and other software.

I want to create a perfect script with automation and performances.

My problem here is with the stagging server. I am newbie with SSL certificates and before Let’s Encrypt i’ve never installed one. So i multiplied certificate requests and faced the rate limit.

So i used the stagging server, it worked well one hour maybe? i had a A+ score with SSL Labs but now the certificate is “happy hacker fake CA”

How can i continue to work ? I need to test automations, cron etc… To be sure that it works well in many use cases.

I hope there is a way to renew the certificate or whatever ^^

Here is my test domain :
And my ssllabs :

Florian Girardey

staging server means ssl certifcates are not trusted in web browsers… only public beta non-staging server obtained ssl certificates are trusted in browsers

Hi Florian,

The staging server is there for testing your scripts etc ( as you are doing). It gives “happy hacker fake CA” since it’s just for testing purposes not real sites. So continue to use it, for testing that all your scripts work effectively in getting certificates.

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Oh i didn’t know… Thank you for the answers

How can I still verify that my Nginx configuration is good despite of the not trusted certificate then ?

i use cipherscan and testssl

I also have a docker image with lots of tools bundled together Docker

example of their usage