Error - Kenya .ke Domain CCTLD Let's Encrypt

Hi There,

Quick heads up…I’m from the commercial department of our company so have zero technical skills so am a fish out of water here.

We purchased a Kenya domain name ending .ke (eg The .ke Kenya extension is CCTLD but was only released in the last couple of weeks (January 2018).

The programmer (v.experienced) we use, tried to use Let’s Encrypt to generate an SSL on the domain and emailed me the below error asking me to contact support to fix, hence why I created a user and posted this article.

‘letsencrypt blocking the certificate generation as it thinks it’s a TLD’

Does anyone know how we can resolve this error or who we need to contact / call?

I couldn’t find a phone number for Let’s Encrypt.

Is there someone from the Let’s Encrypt Support Team read this?

FYI- We registered a .ke domain instead of the more traditional domain as this was taken.

Any help would be humbly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

A CC tld problem…

How recently have y'all tried? Can you try again?

.ke second-level domains were enabled February 1.

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Thank you for your prompt and useful response, appreciated! :pray:
Our attempt was made on 23rd January so I will get programmer to re-try.
Thanks again and have yourself a good weekend!

Looks to be the same issue I encountered here:

(it is resolved by now)

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