Error for Renewal 2018-07-23 20:27 GMT Let’s Encrypt: POST to failed

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I am trying to renew one of our existing certificate with LE. The validation has finished but API call to get the certificate fails. The last failed attempt was today “2018-07-23 20:27 GMT Let’s Encrypt: POST to failed.” The request is for .mil domain. Is there a new restriction on these domains recently? We were able to renew similar domain last week.

There’s no current restriction on .mil.

More detailed logs are required from the ACME client, “POST to … failed” could be caused by practically anything.

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Agreed (Thanks @_az!). You may find some historical mention of a .mil restriction from when Let's Encrypt originally launched but that restriction was lifted over a year ago (if memory serves me).

@cpu @_az We were reached out by a different team at LE regarding this timeouts. It appears it was an issue with CAA query timeouts.

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