Error finalizing order (500 Internal Server Error)



We have issues with renewing certificate for one of the domains (

We are using DirectAdmin control panel, so I created topic here: but still no help.

As I can see final request to… is failed with 500 Internal Server Error and “Error finalizing order” message without any additional details.

What is the cause of this error?

Thank you.


Hi @ClayRabbit

normally, I would say: http-status 500 - temporary - try it again. But there

On the next day renew failed with “Error finalizing order”:
And this is repeating every day for 16 days already.

Looks like your client is buggy creating the finalize-command.

Boulder-Requester: 35454940

Is there a client-update of DirectAdmin? Or is it possible to use a client like Certbot?


Hi @ClayRabbit, apologies for the difficulty you’re encountering. I’ll look into this - I believe it is a bug on our side.

I don’t believe the problem is related to DirectAdmin.

Thanks for your patience, I will reply with more information when I can.


Hi again @clayrabbit,

I can confirm this is a bug on our side. In a nutshell one of your ACME account’s authorizations managed to get into a stuck state. We’re going to look at addressing the bug that caused this so it won’t happen again but in the meantime I have some advice to get you “unstuck”.

Do you know if its possible to create a new ACME account using DirectAdmin? If you can reset your Let’s Encrypt state, create a new ACME account, and reissue your certificates with that account you should be able to continue without error.

You will also become automatically “unstuck” 2018-07-12 at 21:43:19 UTC but I think we can find a solution for you before then.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience!


I see. Thank you. I’ll wait for your fix or for cert expiration on 2018-07-12 in worst case.
Currently I don’t know how to create a new ACME account using directadmin, so I’ll ask in thread.


Check this thread out -


This is your ACME account key. If you move it out of this directory, DirectAdmin should regenerate it for you (by creating a new ACME account) next time you try to issue a certificate.


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