Error creating new order/ too many certificates already issued

Please how will I resolve this Error

There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for: see Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

This error means you have successfully acquired multiple certificates for your domain recently and that you can't get any more until the rate limit expires. It could be either your domain and it's subdomains or it could be the primary domain itself, it just depends what you're trying to do.

Looking at your issued certs using | I can see you have many subdomains, so you would probably need to request a rate limit increase from Let's Encrypt: Let's Encrypt Rate Limit Adjustment Request Form



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Thanks alot @webprofusion for your support, I really appreciate and am grateful,
Please i need just one solution,
I also try USING CERTIFY SSL/TLS,AND After adding my domain and request for a certificate, I still have( No Current Certificate) Error,

Could this also happen (when too may request of certificates already issued for

And which other possible ways can I use to get a certificate to my domain . Thanks

Thanks you will still run into the the rate limit even if you use a different client because the limit of applied for all request across the domain, not specific to one Let's Encrypt account.

If you use Certify The Web you can optionally have different multiple accounts with different certificate authorities, and set the certificate authority preference per managed certificate, so for instance some of your certificates could be with Let's Encrypt, some could be with ZeroSSL, some could be with BuyPass GO etc. The real solution though is to request the higher rate limit with the certificate authorities.


Thanks alot sir, I really appreciate your kindness. :white_check_mark:


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