Error creating new certificate - too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains

My domain is:
The problem is that during my host provider’s “Let’s Encrypt” feature issuing a certificate via Plesk I got the error:

Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:

But I did only 3 requests for a day and not 20 !!
Can you help?

Hi @Pallaros

you have 5 certificates created yesterday.;include_subdomains:false;

Why don't you use them? Normally, you should have max. 2 active certificates - one with less then 30 days valide, the other 60 - 90 days valide.

Hi ! Thanks for your answer. I cannot use it because I have deleted sub domains 5 times because my host provider had problem with sub domains. That’s the reason i used 5 times because I was recreating sub domain and then I was asked to delete it.

But your domain

works. If you've deleted these 5 certificates, then you have to wait one week to get a new certificate.

If you use Plesk, then the integrated Plesk solution is the best choice.

But the integrated plesk has a button that says “Lets Encrypt” and when pressing it, it creates a certificate that I cannot download from somewhere. It just embeds it into sub domain and I have no control. So now do I have to wait one week to enable another one (for my final subdomain that works now) and that’s it?


your Plesk-installation is buggy. So you should ask your hoster to fix that.

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