Error after running the "certbot certonly" on centos 7 - help would be appreciated - thank you

Plugins selected: Authenticator standalone, Installer None
Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
Please enter in your domain name(s) (comma and/or space separated) (Enter 'c’
to cancel):
Obtaining a new certificate
Performing the following challenges:
http-01 challenge for
Waiting for verification…
Cleaning up challenges
Failed authorization procedure. (http-01): urn:acme:error:unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Invalid response from "<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-w”


You have to locate the path /.well-known/acme-challenge in your filesystem. Then place a file “test” there and try to access it via Unless this works, the location of this file in the filesystem is wrong and certbot won’t create the challenge files in the correct directory.

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