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!! Failed: Error creating new registration :: email domain name does not end in a IANA suffix

I see the above error but can’t find anything in Google. Other test sites using the same top level domain are fine.

Are there any documented reasons for this error?

I’m using Bytemark’s Symbiosis on an internal web-server used to serve “preview” sites for clients.

// ExtractSuffix returns the public suffix of the domain using only the "ICANN"
// section of the Public Suffix List database.
// If the domain does not end in a suffix that belongs to an IANA-assigned
// domain, ExtractSuffix returns an error.

The error happens when you try to create an ACME account with an invalid email address.

N.b. it is separate from what domains you might be planning to create certificates for.

What ACME client are you using?

What email address is it using when creating an ACME account?

Are you sure there’s not a typo, or a syntax issue, like < or > characters or an extra space?

Does it have logs?


I think that’s the problem. The ACME address I think is root@neptune.localdomain

Scroll down to “LetsEncrypt SSL provider configuration” section.

Puzzled why this worked previously. We have about a dozen dev WordPress sites on this internal server using sub-domains like this:, etc.

Haven’t deployed a site for a couple of months though. Is it worth chasing this with Bytemark? Bytemark’s Symbiosis web server management system integrated with Debian.


Creating a file in /config/ssl/letsencrypt called “email” with a valid email address inside has fixed the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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