E-Host and CSR: who do I send the info for the CA

Excellent suggestion to ask this in a new thread so:

Hi, I am new and doing my own cPanel with Ehost.com

My operating system is MacBook Pro MacOs 10.6.8 and the newest MacAir Os on another computer I use :

My web server and host : Ehost. come (Apache I believe and wordpress 4.7.1
Front door is GreenRushGeneralStore.net (with Marijuana-news.com , ganja-mon.com , bac-pac.org and extraordinaryremedies.com last one is store not yet “published” )

Ehost generated the necessary code telling me:

The CSR has been generated and emailed to: Occupysf@unseen.is .
You may provide it to your SSL issuer and have them issue the
certificate for your domain so that it will work on our servers. Please
reply back with the SSL certificates and we will be able to install it
for you.
Domains: greenrushgeneralstore.net
Company: GreenRushGeneralStore.net
Country: US
State: CA
City: San Francisco
Email: Occupysf@unseen.is

Signing Request:


I have left the rest out…I think I saw under contact how to send a secure mail to you but may need a little shepherding…

Do I need to get separate certs for each domain under the one the CSR was generated for?

I can login to a root shell on my machine : No but I installed SSH per Ehost instruction and they then could

I’m using a c-panel to manage my site - I remember very little
programming but it doesnt look too hard at the level a user needs for
c-panel … I suspect some of you are like the people that knew
machine language in the late seventies and early 80’s

You have the picture I think and thanks for the assistance!

ps cant find the address to send the CSR to 1/21/17 11:45 am PST

Hi @ganjahji,

A CSR can contain requests for many different domains, or you can make different CSRs and get several different certificates for different domains. If domains are covered by the same CSR, the resulting certificate should cover all of them (and then they will use the same cryptographic private key).

If you’re not comfortable with command-line stuff, it’s possible that solutions involving CSRs might not be the most convenient for you. In many hosting providers there is built-in Let’s Encrypt support in their cPanel instances so that you can actually get and install the certificate from within cPanel, without ever seeing the CSR. If you already have cPanel, do you know a reason why that shouldn’t be the case for your hosting provider, or why they couldn’t allow you to do things that way instead of interacting with their support staff to manually generate the CSR?

Many different Let’s Encrypt-related software tools can work with CSRs in different ways; did you have an idea about whether you wanted to use an in-browser tool or a command-line tool (and on your own computer or installed on your server)?

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Sorry I was out of commission for awhile. I am a robust user rather than programmer. The sites are hosted on e-host and consist of greenrushgeneralstore.net, marijuana-news.org, ganja-mon.com, back-pac.org and not published yet extraordinaryremedies.com

The initial CSR was generated by ergots and I have not found how to submit to letsencrypt where host said they are waiting for the plugin parameters or something similar…ie they generated the code but I don’t know how to add to my Wordpress through ehost.

Thank you for any reply

Hi Karla,

Let's Encrypt is fully automated so there is no human being to submit the CSR to. Instead, you install special Let's Encrypt software somewhere (called a Let's Encrypt client) and that software can submit the CSR for you. Then either the software or the user has to make changes to the web sites mentioned in the CSR to prove that the user really controls them, and finally the client software will receive and save the certificates, which can then be imported into web server software.

There is a full list of available client software available at

If you're not prepared to install one of these on a computer, you can also use the web-based ones in that list, which involve interacting with a web site instead of installing a program.

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