Dual IP for https servers - Primary and co-lo Web Servers

Is it possible to use the same certificate on our primary web server with our co-lo web server? Example: www.domain1.com, with two public IP addresses? Before converting to https, we use dns to manage which IP address is primary whenever one server is down we switch ip to the backup server. Any ideas would help, thank you.

Hi @ehercules,

There is no restriction on using the same certificate on multiple servers. You simply need to copy the private key, certificate, and chain from one server to another. You should also be prepared to copy them over again whenever the certificate is renewed.

The certificate doesn’t mention an IP address, so it isn’t limited to use on a single IP address or anything.

If you happen to use OCSP stapling (which you probably don’t if you’re not aware of doing so), you should also make sure that each server is independently configured to download its own OCSP responses.

If the servers will renew independently you should look into DNS authentication.
So that the server that doesn’t have the IP can also get the cert for the same name.

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