Domain Validation (DV) period

Domain Validation (DV) is a process decoupled from the certificate issuance. How long will a validation last? Will the revalidation be done on reissuance (90 days) or will DV use a completely different period?

Think about certificates provided by us, however hosting is done somewhere else. different periods for issuance and DV would result in more work for the customer.

is DV bound to the issuance period or is it a different period and how long would it be?

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api returns end of validity. seems to be 300 days at the moment.

According to the source code, the authorization lifetime is currently 10 months

// DefaultAuthorizationLifetime is the 10 month default authorization lifetime.
// When used with a 90-day cert lifetime, this allows creation of certs that will
// cover a whole year, plus a grace period of a month.
// TODO(jsha): Read from a config file.
const DefaultAuthorizationLifetime = 300 * 24 * time.Hour

As you pointed out, the value is returned by the API in the expires field of the JSON body.