Domain Registrars compatible with Let's Encrypt wildcard certs


O.k. first time here, my question is not domain specific, I’ve been using a self-signed certificate authority on my home network but getting fed-up with increasing browser hassle using it and looking to move to Let’s Encrypt. However I’m not happy with the idea of leaving port 80 open. I also have a technical issue the make port 80 an inconvenient solution.

I have two synology NASs that I’d like to access through my registered domain name(s) Since my router can only forward port 80 to a single destination I can only service a single endpoint with that approach. My current domain registrar doesn’t support API access to DNS records so in a practical sense I can’t move to wildcard certificates.

O.K. enough context, basically I’m asking for recommendations for Domain Registrars that are Let’s encrypt friendly enough that I can use wildcard certificate if I move my domains to them. I have two domains, one each in the .net & .org TLDs.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Wildcards require automated DNS manipulation.
That is a DNS service issue.

Domain registrars serve to “lease”/“register” you the use of a given domain.

Some registrars also have DNS services but one does not imply the other.

That said, perhaps you are looking for both from the same single source…

If so, that would be:
Domain Registrars that also provide DNS API integration with ACME clients


One quick way to glean which registrars/DNS hosts support easy integration is just to look at the Let’s Encrypt clients themselves.

Here’s some starting points:

There are a lot!


Thanks, I’d tried a couple of ‘best rated’ providers searches but in the articles I read about a 1/3 of the links were reporting as dodgy so I figures a quick question here would get some ‘quality’ results.


If you want a personal recommendation/opinion - registration wherever you want and Cloudflare for DNS hosting.


thanks for the quick response, you’ve clarified the question nicely, I can use this to ask the Google Institute of Technology a better question.


I hope it did help…
But in case the sarcasm went over my head:
Google itself provides a very good DNS service and is also a domain registrar.

I run my own DNS servers; And when shopping for specific services I go to places that are known to be good for that one service. So I don’t have much experiences with multi-service sites (sorry).
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