Does Let's Encrypt support Wildcard DNS Record


Hi there,

I am going to setup https for my site. However, my site uses wildcard dns record. There are about 300,000 SLDs(automatically generated by site system).

So I am wondering if Let’s Encrypt supports wildcard dns record? I am using Linode Server, using Centos system.

Your answer will be appreciated.

Ryn Clear


Yes, wildcard DNS records work fine. The notion of a “wildcard” is purely implemented at your DNS server. From Let’s Encrypt’s perspective, it just looks up a DNS name and gets an answer.


Really Thanks, Jsha. It really helpful.

I will study the help document for https asap.


Issuing 3,000 certificates for the same domain, on the other hand, will run into problems…


Oh, seems there are limitations for the sites that like mine.

Will study the document that you gave to me, checking if I shall pay for the https that offered by linode or use Let’s Encrypt.


You may be able to work out a rate limit exception from Let’s Encrypt – i don’t know – but honestly, paying $100 a year for a wildcard certificate from another CA may be your best option.


linode asks me more than $300 yearly.

At the beginning, I wanted to get a free https.

Now, I realize that the free https may cost me more than $300(even it is free, I need to pay too much time and energy on it)

So, if linode CS helps me to install, that will be my choice.


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