Domain managed by ISP how do we get internal websites

Hi I am new to SSL certificates and have a query.

We have a website, however it is maintained by another company and has a different domain to our network that our email addresses run off for example. We are looking to get SSL certificates for some internal sites. Our Internet Service Provider provides us with our domain.

I am not sure, how I can get certificates for our domain provided by our ISP? How would we go about doing it? For example we run metabase inside our network how can I get a certificate to validate that? It does not have a webhost connected for public traffic only internal. It may well have access to the internet?

I can of course talk to my ISP if there was a process to go through, but all the examples show a public web server.

Also, do we get one certificate fro everything or should we be getting a certificate for different things. E.g. metabase has 1 and our intranet has one, etc. How does that work with only having a domain certificate?

For the domain you mentioned, did you organization own the domain? Or your ISP is the owner? (By owner, I want to mean who is listed in the WHOIS information).

Since your ISP managed that domain and you said all website served are internal (not intended to push external), do you have access to the DNS records? (DNS records listed in the public WHOIS servers).

There are basically two ways to obtain a certificate with let’s Encrypt, either you prove control via DNS validation (adding a record to public accessible DNS servers that is your domain’s authoritive DNS server) or HTTP / TLS validation (need to perform actions on your public accessible web server)

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The fastest way to get help is to answer the questions on the template when you first posted. Please share your domain name so tests can be run on it. It’s kind of hard to fix something if you don’t “open the box” first. :wink:

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Hi @Darryl.Armstrong

please start with some basics.

Then answer all the questions of the template you have deleted.

If you have root access, select a client.

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