Domain limit letsencrypt

Got this domain limit but i didn't force that much ssl request please remove the limit

Cyberpanel domain is:

From your description, it isn't clear which limit is being hit. There are several, for different situations, with different thresholds and waiting times.

That documentation page also links to the form to request overrides for the limits that it makes sense to ask for (if you're doing a large integration), but be aware that it can take a few weeks before they process it.


You have been issued 5 identical Let's Encrypt certs in the past week so reached that Rate Limit. You should use one of those. Your system is able to get certs so getting more won't help. You need to find out why your system is throwing them away.

In fact, you have gotten 5 identical certs with just your name and another 5 certs with that and a www subdomain.

Something is badly broken with your system

Please use the Let's Encrypt staging system while testing


Thats what cyberpanel support saying. I don't know it’s from the panel.

Yes, that error is described in the Rate Limit link @petercooperjr provided

And, I explained if further in my post.

You should ask the panel support what happened to all those certs you already got


The issue has been fixed if you remove the limit everything will be ok

That's not possible.


:smiling_face_with_tear: So i have to wait 2 days.

You should read this to understand this rate limit


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