Does Certbot follow ALIAS DNS records?


I need to set up Let’s Encrypt for a website whose domain name is an ALIAS of the hostname where it runs. Both and need to work. For the hostname, Certbot should work, since it’s an A record. Will it work for the website name, which is an ALIAS, or does its DNS record need to be changed to an A record?


If I’m reading this blog post correctly, ALIAS is a DNSimple-specific thing. This is similar to what Cloudflare calls CNAME flattening. From the point-of-view of a DNS resolver, it’s just another A record:

Externally, the ALIAS record behaves like an A record returning one or more A records matching the alias target. […]

So yeah, this should work.


There is no ALIAS record:

I don’t know why they confuse people by using a common semantic for a made-up thing.


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