Documentation for Production CT Deployment/Ops?

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Would LetsEncrypt be willing to offer some documentation (e.g. technical blog posts) regarding the challenges of deploying and operating a production CT? (Re:

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Hi @swa,

We are planning to do this and are communicating internally about it.

Am I correct in assuming that you’re trying to determine how to run a production log for yourself or another company?


Hi @Phil, thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, I’m looking into deploying Trillian for a company project, but have been finding the documentation for it somewhat lacking, especially when you’re not a developer.

Googling around hasn’t yielded any solid guides on how to actually head toward production, especially when there’s multiple moving parts beyond just Trillian. Google’s own docs are pretty decent, but, again, assume you have some developers handy to just dig into the codebase if something doesn’t make sense or isn’t covered. (Same with CFSSL, but that’s a separate rant…) DevOps from the Dev side as opposed to the Ops side, as it were.

Obviously the Docker test images work great, and ditto for the CT Woodpecker Docker images (thanks!), but there’s a wide chasm between “Docker demo images” and “production”, for loose values of each.

Pretty much anything from tips-and-tricks to a guide would be very useful!



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