Document signing with lets' encrypt for Notary validation

My domain is: NO Domain

Asking how i can use the let’s encrypt certificate to sign a document that might last 4 years… To be an online notary The state requires a x.509 certificate with application.

Hi @BSFlyer

that’s not possible.

Read the FAQ:

Thanks for the quick response…

If you are living in U.S, I would suggest you to apply for an Identrust Medium DC certificate… It’s relatively cheaper than average markets price. (They do it around 140 per year) and are accepted to sign Adobe PDFs.

You might be able to sign documents with an S/MIME certificate, and Let’s Encrypt doesn’t issue any of them… (But it’s suggested to get a document signing with AATL CAs if you are planning to use it for notarize)

Thank you

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