Digital signing with Lets Encrypt on


My domain

I use the SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt to create a digital signature.
All requests for a signed document are successful,
but one returns an error:
Failed to get signature confirmation / notary

This is a request to validate an SSL certificate from OCSP.

Maybe he (that is, a certificate) and should not be confirmed, as free?

Can you explain? The question is most likely not for you, but still.

To create a digital signature I use software.

This requires the so-called Estonian ID card.

On my local computer, everything works for me. We have a SUN-based public web server.
(very old 10 years old) he is working now. there is a certificate issued for IP address. It (certificate) is applied both on a local computer and on this server.

I had to do everything again to abandon the Sun.

And when transferred to your hosting, the check for OCSP does not work.
In the documentation, this is the FinalizeSignature request.
If you look at the Signing with smartcard signing chart, then this is paragraph 13.

I send two pairs of files that are received on a local computer and
finalizesignature.txt - request
finalizesignature_responce.txt - answer
There you can see. that error 202.



Are you trying to sign a document (program) with let’s encrypt?

Let’s encrypt certificate does not act as a digital signature certificate (as you could read from the policy description in the certificate)

Thank you


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